Team # 491 -- PENNTAP Expo Exhibit

February 2002


PENNTAP helps Pennsylvania businesses improve their competitiveness by providing free technical assistance and information to help resolve specific technical questions or needs that can be addressed within a limited amount of time. PENNTAP has launched a new e-business Technical Assistance Program, e-TAP, to provide free help to enhance the e-business capabilities of small and medium sized companies throughout the Commonwealth by providing technical assistance to accelerate the use of Internet - based technologies.

Team Membership

  • Jack Gido, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • In 2002 PENNTAP provided 770 cases of technical assistance to 670 clients in all 67 counties. Our clients reported 715 jobs created or saved and $17,000,000 in economic benefits as a result of PENNTAP assistance, and 99% satisfaction with PENNTAP assistance.




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