Team # 499 -- Penn State's Course Management System (ANGEL) Implementation Team
Information Technology Services (ITS)

February 2002


By providing a centralized course management system for Penn State faculty and instructors, the quality of service for delivery of online course activities has been improved.

Team Membership

  • Brett Bixler, Leader
  • Peter deVries, Member
  • Allen Stubblefield, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • They expect that faculty will save time in the creation of course rosters since this is done automatically with ANGEL. Faculty can easily hold “virtual office hours” using ANGEL. At the end of the spring semester, 1003 faculty were using ANGEL, with 5200 individual accounts and 31,000 student enrollments. The ANGEL team has added documentation and created a feedback loop for faculty to suggest improvements.
  • The ANGEL Course Management System provides students around the glod with secure instant access to their online courses. Students can view the course syllabus, course content, class calendar, share files with class teammates, and perform low-stakes quizzes.




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