Team # 502 -- Human Resource Development Center On-Line Registration
Finance and Business

February 2002


The Human Resource Information Systems staff improved registration for professional development programs by moving from paper-based registration to on-line registration and direct billing. In addition, professional development programs are marketed on-line and the Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty and Staff catalog is available electronically.

Team Membership

  • Sue Cromwell, Leader
  • Mike Hartman, Leader
  • Lenny Pollack, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Tim Beckwith, Member
  • Sherry Lonsdale, Member
  • David Piltz, Member
  • Barbara Staudenmaier, Member
  • Clark Wagner, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • $$ Figures: Moving from the print catalog to an online version will avoid $15,000 in direct costs (printing). Again, that is not the main story. First, there will be other avoided costs (data entry and reduced staff time required to handle errors caused by data errors) that the team can't readily measure. Second, this just seems to be a better way to operate. It is more customer-friendly, allows online marketing, and enables registration to be integrated with billing.
  • June 2000: Over 100 people have used the On-line registration function to register for Health Matters programs.
    Health Matters has registered over 2000 faculty and staff using the Web Classic registration system.
    Verification of registration with the on-line registration function is instantaneous.




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