Team # 504 -- Enhancing Learning through Student e-Portfolios
Earth and Mineral Sciences

February 2002


Penn State's Center for Academic Computing (CAC) offers free 50 Mb Personal Web space accounts to every student. Fewer than four in ten students has activated his or her free Web space account, however, and fewer than one in ten has published examples of his or her academic work on-line. To foster higher rates of educational usage of Personal Web space accounts, the University needs to create pedagogical and support infrastructures that complement the existing technological infrastructure. In collaboration with the CAC, as well as the Center for Education Technology Services, the Division of Student Affairs, the College of Education, and others, the e-Education Institute is creating a new Web-based service that addresses this need.

Team Membership

  • Glenn Johnson, Leader
  • David DiBiase, Member
  • Martin Gutowski, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Baseline: only about 8% (max) of students use their personal Web pages for any educational purposes. Long-term goal: to get up to 100%. Progress: it is very early. Project is at most two years old, from when the idea was first studied, but really the tools are only being rolled out now. . However, in EMS, a college where faculty are strongly encouraging student educational-related use of their personal Web space (e.g., through formal assignments and other means) the usage rate is already approx. 50%.
  • Increase the percentage of academic content on the free personal web space accounts used by Penn State Students. Foster a more coherent perception of the potential of portfolio assessment to enrich student learning, and thereby to set the stage for the adoption of an enterprise portfolio system that serves as a student-centered counterpart to the University's current faculty-center course management system.




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