Team # 543 -- Eberly College Dean's Self Study Review Team

October 2003


Review and assess the operations of the Dean's Office in a way that encourages self-reflection, outside-the-box thinking, a focus on the customer, an interplay among units, and a focus on continuous improvement, so that the office can improve their operations and the service provided to the faculty, staff, and students in the Eberly College to assist them in their drive toward excellence in research, education, and outreach.

Team Membership

  • Daniel Larson, Sponsor
  • Karin Foley, Leader
  • Mike Dooris, Facilitator
  • Louise Sandmeyer, Facilitator
  • Larry Bell, Member
  • Joanne Cahill, Member
  • Norman Freed, Member
  • Barbara Kennedy, Member
  • Ronald Kessinger, Member
  • Hank McCoullum, Member
  • Robert Meyer, Member
  • Robert Mitchell, Member
  • Sandy Murray, Member
  • Rebecca Peterson, Member
  • Beth Trimble, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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