Team # 667 -- Student Aid E-mail Management Team
Enrollment Management and Administration

July 2003


Objective: The charge to the group was to study and understand the way in which e-mail was being used across the office to distribute business related information to staff. Implicit in this charge was a desire to reduce the volume and attempt to better store and organize information that was being distributed to staff via student aid mailing list(s).

Team Membership

  • Anna Griswold, Sponsor
  • Jean Gasparato, Member
  • Janet Griffey, Member
  • Edward Hinkle, Member
  • Sunny Markley, Member
  • Bob Quinn, Member
  • Kerstin Roan, Member
  • Paul Simenson, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Two major problems were identified. The first being the sometimes overwhelming practice of distributing the many tidbits of news and instruction to staff via internal mailing lists. The second and related problem was the lack of a central storage location for saving important information for easy retrieval.

    The solution devised by the committee was to use the student aid Intranet site as a repository for announcements, news, phone lists, etc. The information was to be sent to the Communications Team on a daily basis, and organized and posted on the Intranet for the benefit of everyone. This reduced the amount of information being distributed across all staff and allowed the office to capture centrally those pieces of information deemed to be important.

    The group has finished its work for now, but will probably need to reconvene at some point as e-mail and information distribution in the student aid office will always be a challenge.




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