Team # 671 -- Student Aid Debt Management Group
Enrollment Management and Administration

January 2002


Objective: The purpose and goal of this group is to evaluate the educational needs of and to provide online debt management tools for student loan borrowers. As costs rise and loan debts of Penn State students are soaring, it is becoming increasingly important that we communicate openly and candidly with our students about the debt that they are incurring. It is also important that we provide information and references to our loan borrowers to assist them in being cognizant of the amount of loan debt that they are incurring. The projects that this group has developed and will continue to develop are designed to give student borrowers the tools to integrate habits of wise decision-making during their college years and to begin on the right foot when they graduate and their loans enter repayment.

Team Membership

  • Anna Griswold, Sponsor
  • Kevin Armalay, Member
  • Carol Coder, Member
  • Sandy Coyle, Member
  • Jean Gasparato, Member
  • Ralph Hosterman, Member
  • Shari Howell, Member
  • Savitha Kolar, Member
  • Heather Kuhn, Member
  • Melissa Kunes, Member
  • Brian Mazari, Member
  • Jeff Norris, Member
  • Anita Sather, Member
  • Doug Tice, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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