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February 2007


Appointment reminders with the prior practice management system were manual and limited to one appointment type. PnC can send electronic appointment reminders. An intervention was started October 23, 2006 to send reminders two days prior to the scheduled appointment to each student patient with an on-file email address. To be measured by data analysis of past six months in May of 2007. Goal is to reduce the number of “no shows “ for University Health Services appointments and utilize resources more efficiently.

Team Membership

  • Michael Gouse, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Total no shows for the period before transition to the new appointment software, November 05 through September 06 were 1,231; for the period November 06 through September 07 the total was 1,095. This represents a decrease of 11.1% after initiation of automated appointment reminders. As October 2006 was the transition month, October 2007 was omitted from the analysis.

    UHS continue to monitor no shows on a monthly basis. No shows for the period January through July 2008 were 619; for the same period in 2007 the total was 642, a 3.6% decrease year-to-year.

    August 21, 2008




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