Team # 776 -- Supply Chain and Information Systems Faculty Teaching Quality Improvement Team
Smeal College of Business

June 2007


As faculty with a deep interest in enhancing the learning experience of our students, we have met as a faculty-group to share experiences. Beginning in June of 2007, these meetings have become more regular and more structured under the leadership of Larry Spence.

Team Membership

  • Larry Spence, Leader
  • Norman Aggon, Member
  • Marilyn Blanco, Member
  • Gary Gittings, Member
  • Ed Glantz, Member
  • Kitty Riley, Member
  • Evelyn Thomchick, Member
  • Gene Tyworth, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: 1. SRTE score: For some instructors, improvement has been as much as 85% 2. Peer evaluation: Still in early stages 3. Enhanced classroom learning exercises: application of directed problem based learning 4. Seeing the course more from the student perspective (syllabus changes, course objective changes, etc.)




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