Team # 790 -- OPP Web Site Team
Finance and Business

August 2007


To improve web-based communication for OPP employees and their customers, providing a central point of access to all OPP services and customer information applications. The current OPP website has organically grown over the years as a repository for information needed by Penn State employees, outside contractors and consultants employed by the University. Without an overarching design it has become difficult to navigate, especially for those users unfamiliar with the web site’s structure, which is mostly based upon OPP’s organizational structure.

Team Membership

  • Steve Maruszewski, Sponsor
  • Maddy Cantu, Leader
  • Doug Donovan, Facilitator
  • Matt Donovan, Member
  • Heidi Elliott, Member
  • Bob Kellar, Member
  • Candace Wert, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Team Results from Maddy Cantu on 7/7/09:

    OPP Web Site Team Outcomes:

    A new website for the Office of Physical Plant has been developed and implemented. The new website design allows a much more user-friendly navigation for OPP customers (both internal and external). The maintenance of the website has been dispersed to department "content managers," resulting in a much more responsive and efficient workflow. User navigation patterns and feedback are currently being monitored to continue to refine this communication tool. The website address is:




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