Team # 843 -- ECOS SRDP Process Improvement Team
Eberly College of Science

November 2008


To examine and improve the SRDP process in the college. As an outgrowth of our HR Working Group improvement team of last year, we have formed a team whose goal is to improve the percent of employees who receive meaningful review and development discussions. The end goal is to improve employee morale, of both supervisors and supervisees, across the college.

Team Membership

  • Sally Assmann, Member
  • Karin Foley, Member
  • Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, Member
  • Amanda Jones, Member
  • Sandy Murray, Member
  • Debra Putt, Member
  • Richard Robinett, Member
  • Kelli Wilkinson, Member
  • Liza Wilson, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: We have agreed on the goals of a successful SRDP process. We have redesigned our local SRDP form and will be changing the timing of the process. Our next steps are to communicate across the college, to gain approvals for the changes we are recommending and to then roll out the new process as we go through the SRDPs this year under the old system. This way everyone will have a year's notice on the changes. Percent of employees receiving a full and meaningful SRDP will be one measure of progress; on-going climate assessment across the college will be another.




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