Team # 866 -- UBO Reward, Recognition, and Wellness Team
Finance and Business

February 2008


To encourage and maintain a high level of morale within the staff by developing an environment that supports, recognizes, and rewards the consistently exceptional performance that has become the norm for our office. We recently added the wellness component to our charge and work to provide group activities and opportunities to promote healthy changes to our employees' lifestyles. Our process involves events and programs such as office retreats, university tours, group exercise opportunities, award nominations, etc. The events that may be cause for celebration are grouped into two basic categories: individual achievement/milestones and group reward celebrations.

Team Membership

  • Steve Curley, Sponsor
  • Mary Jane Fisher, Co-Chair
  • Stephanie Snook, Co-Chair
  • Rich Heininger, Member
  • John Matty, Member
  • Brenda McDowell, Member
  • Michele Schirm, Member
  • Patty Tarbay, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: The results we hope to achieve are to have a staff that feels valued and recognized for their successes, to add fun to the work environment, to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to provide opportunities for the staff to understand how our office fits into the overall operations of the University. Results of these programs will produce a staff that is happier, healthier, and more productive. They will use less sick time and hopefully, will utilize their health insurance less.

    So far, our office has achieved group weight losses, nominated individuals for awards, provided programs for added awareness for general health improvements, and combined education and training retreats with wellness initiatives.




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