Team # 869 -- Research Staff Assistant New Faculty Training
Eberly College of Science

July 2008


To better train the new faculty members in the Chemistry Department. The Research Staff Assistants in the department recognized this need and we didn't have a formal training tool. Each Research Staff Assistant trained the faculty members that were assigned to her, therefore, training was inconsistent. We developed a Power Point presentation to train the faculty in areas such as Purchasing (PO's, P Cards, Ebuy), Travel (Travelport, ERS), hiring postdocs and wage payroll employees, class work, seminar protocol. This training was done as a group with new faculty and Research Staff in attendance.

Team Membership

  • Amanda Ault, Member
  • Sabrina Glasgow, Member
  • Betty Jo Houser, Member
  • April Leiter, Member
  • Connie Smith, Member
  • Adrian Weaver, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Our new faculty (faculty that started working with our department in August, 2008), are better equipped and understand what is expected of them. We feel that we have made their transition to our department easier and less intimidating. We will continue to update this information yearly and use it to train new faculty when they arrive in our department.




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