Team # 960 -- Specimen Quality Improvement
Student Affairs

April 2010


To improve the accuracy of patient identification by using two unique identifiers when obtaining, labeling, and performing testing for a patient. Specimen identification is the most important step in providing accurate lab results. UHS will follow the 2010 National Patient Safety Goals for specimens, procedures, and medication administration in all locations of UHS.

Team Membership

  • Judith Novack, Leader
  • Sharon Fong, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    Nursing staff, volunteers, receptionists, and clinicians were educated about this process in department meetings with reinforcement each month through the Fall 2010 semester. Any specimen without a label or any specimen identified as being mislabeled was recorded on the problem log and was recollected. The number of specimen problems identified was decreased by 89% after the tracking and education program was implemented. The project continues in QA mode at this time to ensure sustained improvement.




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