Team # 973 -- Admissions International Web Page Committee
Undergraduate Education

July 2010


To improve the Undergraduate Admissions Web site to better serve international prospective students and applicants.

In recent years, the University has had a goal to increase the number of undergraduate international students at University Park and many of our campuses. International applications have increased 148% since 2008 with 6,638 applications already received for 2011. The volume of questions and phone calls from international students created awareness that the web site was not meeting the needs of our customers.

Team Membership

  • Cathy Schwab, Sponsor
  • Audrey Bonchack, Member
  • Kathryn Gaylord-Miles, Member
  • Colton Williams, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    New web pages were designed, written and posted on

    Long pages of text have been replaced with a list of popular topics with clickable links.

    Information is now organized by topic.

    Language was changed to be more user friendly for non-native speakers.

    Admissions counselors responding to international student emails can provide concise and accurate connections to
    the information students are requesting.

    Required academic credentials are now listed by country. This is proving helpful to both prospective students and
    admissions staff at all campuses as they interact with prospective international students.

    Provides easier access to financial and visa documentation with links to relevant pages on the Office of Global Programs web site.




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