Team # 989 -- Pasto Museum Resource Committee
College of Agricultural Sciences

January 2009


To identify and coordinate a strategy to broaden the museum's impact and educational effectiveness.

Team Membership

  • Barb Christ, Sponsor
  • Kim Evancho, Member
  • Dawn Holsopple, Member
  • Andrea Leonard, Member
  • Roger Martell, Member
  • Ray Pruss, Member
  • Tom Schaffer, Member
  • Mark Sharer, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The Advisory Council is now the Pasto Museum Resource Committee. The Resource Committee developed new by-laws for the museum and a volunteer application process. They also defined a position for a part-time curator; the museum is now managed by an individual with a background in museums and education. As a result, the museum has taken on a new face, is educating a broad range of visitors, and is supported by enthusiastic volunteers. The Resource Committee provides the curator with guidance and assistance as needed.




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