Q&A with OPIA

NEW!  Penn State’s Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment introduces a new format for sharing information. Q&A with OPIA provides an opportunity for a brief overview of specific models, approaches, and tools for planning, assessment, and improvement.

Q&A with OPIA - Penn State’s IMPROVE Model: What It Is and How to Use It

This online session provides a quick introduction to and overview of Penn State’s IMPROVE model – a way to analyze and improve a process. You will find out how to more efficiently and effectively follow a sequence of steps to get from starting point A to outcome B.

Read the transcript from the video.

Quality Clips

Looking for ways to make information about planning, improvement, and assessment available to members of the Penn State community 24/7 wherever they are, OPIA presents its Quality Clips Webinars. Each is about five minutes in length, providing an overview of a specific topic and links to additional OPIA references online.

Integrating Planning, Assessment, and Improvement

Innovation Insights #12 - Tools for Organizational IMPROVEment
Innovation Insights #18 - Integrating Planning, Assessment, and Improvement

Guiding Your Quality Journey: Penn State's IMPROVE Model

Innovation Insights #7 - A Structured Approach to
Organizational IMPROVEment
Questions to Guide Your Quality Journey



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