Innovation Insights is published by the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment to share information about concepts, approaches and tools in the areas of continuous quality improvement, institutional assessment, and strategic planning.

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NACUBO has collected many of the Innovation Insights listed below into Integrating Planning, Assessment, and Improvement in Higher Education.

27. CQI3: Impact Times Three*

26. Positive Planning: Building Your Plan and Building Support from a Positive Base [PDF]

25. Planning Hierarchies [PDF]

24. Project Management: The Basics[PDF]

23. Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness Through Lean [PDF]

22. Creating a Culture for Innovation and Improvement: Lessons Learned [PDF]

21. Implementing a Strategic Plan [PDF]

20. DMADV: An Approach for Developing New Initiatives [PDF]

19. Developing Strategic Performance Indicators [PDF]

18. Integrating Planning, Assessment, and Improvement [PDF]

17. Using E-mail More Effectively [PDF]

16. Facilitating Teams for Organizational IMPROVEment [PDF]

15. Effective Meetings [PDF]

14. Using Surveys for Data Collection in Continuous Improvement [PDF]

13. The Relationship between Continuous Improvement and Strategic Planning [PDF]

12. Tools for Organizational IMPROVEment [PDF}

11. Assessing for Improvement [PDF]

10. Leading for Continuous Improvement [PDF]

9. Virtual Meetings and Virtual Teams Using Technology to Work Smarter [PDF]

8. How to Use Focus Groups to Solicit Ideas and Feedback [PDF]

7. A Structured Approach to Organizational IMPROVEment [PDF]

6. Doing the Right Things Right [PDF]

5. The Link Between Being Student-Centered and Continuous Quality Improvement [PDF]

4. Benchmarking for Innovation and Improvement [PDF]

3. Fast Track to Process Simplification [PDF]

2. Enhancing Teamwork & Collaboration In Your Unit [PDF]

1. Leading Unit-Level Planning [PDF]

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