No. 145 January 2012

Feature Article: Introducing Quality Team Highlights: Share, Learn, and Celebrate Evolves

With this issue of Quality Endeavors, the Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment is beginning Quality Team Highlights. From the start of Penn State’s Continuous Quality Improvement program, one of the key components has been recognizing and celebrating the work done by team members and  sharing information about their accomplishments. In view of the current environment, as a cost savings, and as a more effective and efficient approach to recognize all those who contribute to Penn State’s innovation and improvement initiatives, it is now time to move to the third generation of a format to recognize, celebrate, and share information about the work of Penn State’s quality improvement teams.


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Quality Clips: eLearning: Integrating Planning, Assessment, and Improvement

OPIA has posted its second Webinar, providing an overview of the five step model for integrating planning, assessment, and improvement.


Innovation Extract: How to Get Ideas by Jack Foster

It’s common to begin the new year with resolutions and plans to do things differently. In view of that, the latest Innovation Extract, Jack Foster’s How to Get Ideas, provides tips on how to ‘idea-condition’ your mind and a five-step method for producing ideas.


Workshop: Applying Quality Principles in Daily Work

Find out how to apply the activity based analysis improvement tool outlined in Innovation Insights #6: Doing the Right Things Right to your work situation. Learn how you can apply basic quality principles to develop more effective and efficient work processes.


Workshop: Facilitating Planning, Improvement, and Assessment Projects and Teams

This full-day workshop provides hands-on experience in the role of a facilitator working with a team addressing a planning, improvement, or assessment initiative. It also identifies the parallels between any of these approaches and classic project management, and the further considerations for the individual serving as both the group leader and facilitator.


Cost Saving Idea: Penn State Pay Statements 'Going Green' in 2012

As part of continuing efforts to promote sustainability and conserve resources across the University, and to save money on printing and delivery costs, Penn State’s Payroll Office has announced that employee pay statements will be made available exclusively online beginning in 2012. The statements will be available electronically through the Employee Self-Service Information Center (ESSIC), at online. The pay statement available on ESSIC contains all information currently available on the paper receipt, and permits Penn State employees to view and print pay information from the comfort of their home. Distribution of paper pay receipts will be discontinued for all employees who have access to ESSIC. For questions, contact the Penn State Payroll Department at 814-865-7621.

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Support for Planning, Improvement, and Assessment in Your Unit

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment supports the University’s efforts to plan, assess, and improve programs and services. The Office is available, at no charge, to consult with units and use organizational change tools to help units assess their needs, develop strategic plans, improve key processes, and develop collaborative team environments. If you would like to discuss the planning, quality, or assessment needs of your unit with one of our consultants, please contact the Office at 814-863-8721 or e-mail

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