Survey research, appropriately used, can gather useful, action-oriented information. The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment is available to help colleges, departments, and other units conduct survey research that supports planning and CQI efforts.

The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment has experience in:

  • Questionnaire design and development;

  • Survey implementation;

  • Analyzing survey data; and

  • Writing brief reports of results.

Web-based Surveys

Web-based surveys are a quick and cost effective method for conducting survey research. The Office of Planning and Institutional Assessment has the capability to host your Web-based survey using specialized software on our secure server.

A demonstration survey is available to showcase some of the features available with our software.

We Can Help You

Within the limits of staff availability and workload, the Office works in partnership with other Penn State units to conduct survey research on topics consistent with the University's improvement-oriented quality, planning, and assessment efforts. There is no charge for this service within Penn State.

For more information, please contact Mike Dooris at (814) 863-8721.

Learn more about our office services.



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