Team # 16 -- Alumni Association
Development and Alumni Relations

May 1992


To review information systems with respect to membership processing, biographical record flow, and gift processing flow.

Team Membership

  • Peter Weiler, Sponsor
  • Tom Moore, Leader
  • Anita Schmidt, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Process of signing up new grads for free 1-year life insurance was improved by reporting names directly to insurance co.
  • Designed generic AA card saving employee time
  • Student records are transferred after grad to provide more accurate data file
  • The cost to raise $1 in 2001 was $.10. The cost to raise $1 in 2000 was $.09.
  • The program is effective at increasing the base of donor support and acquiring new donors at a rate equal to or greater than the growth of the alumni donor base
  • 2nd in the Big Ten in terms of percent of alumni giving participation
  • Alumni Association ranks as the largest dues paying organization in the nation, with over 146,000 members
  • The retention rate of paid annual members remains well above other membership programs at similar institutions




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