Team # 42 -- Office of Telecommunications Billing Services
Computer and Information Systems

January 1993


To improve the clarity of the monthly rental billing statements.

Team Membership

  • Jeff Kuhns, Sponsor
  • Brenda Kline, Leader
  • Clare Kristofco, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • The Team recommends that a sub-committee be formed to review and revise the USOC listing. Although there may be various sub-groups, to maintain consistency, one person should be involved in each sub-group.

    The team further recommends that the OTC Business Office standardize the input for data entered under each billing number type. This task would be assigned to the Billing Number Description sub-committee. Recommendations from this subcommittee would then be used by the Business Office Manager and Staff as the input standards for the entry of information in the description field on all new billing numbers.

    To make the OTC Rental Billing Statement easier for our customers to read and interpret, several formatting changes could be implemented. To keep capital expenditures down, an ease-of-accomplishment rating for the suggested changes was done by Brenda Kline.




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