Team # 47 -- Beaver Campus Student Affairs Budget Distribution
Commonwealth College

January 1993


To improve the process by which Student Affairs staff members distribute and allocate each individual unit's budget.

Team Membership

  • Robert DeWitt, Sponsor/Leader
  • Debbie Haddad, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • A budget task force was formed and staff allocated ten percent of departmental monies to fund CQI initiatives. Many of these initiatives directly resulted in increased enrollment. Funds were provided for immediate mailing of information to prospective students who normally would have waited for University Park to mail the materials. The Campus Advisory Board awarded funds for staff use and Arco Chemical Co. gave the office a $1,000 grant to assist in marketing. These donations marked a critical turning point for the Student Affairs staff, because many of the board members, who are involved in CQI efforts in their businesses, were showing their commitment to CQI at Beaver. This commitment, along with employee empowerment and improved processes within admissions and student affairs, significantly increased campus enrollment.




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