Team # 59 -- Triage in University Health Services
Student Affairs

May 1993


To improve the process that serves students who go to Ritenour for outpatient care without an appointment.

Team Membership

  • Patricia Irwin, Sponsor
  • Peg Spear, Sponsor
  • Connie Cavalier, Leader
  • Bob Barlock, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Benchmarking data was analyzed and the following recommendations were sent to the team's sponsors:

    Change clinician schedules to accommodate more same day appointments.

    Hire a part-time clinician to work between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

    If unable to cover lunch hour with a part-time clinician, change clinician schedules so at least two staff members always are working in Urgent Care.

    Create two additional triage areas and staff with nurses.

    Change telephone listings so students can easily call the service area they need.

    Provide additional training for nurses to enable them to treat patients by protocols.

    Initiate system whereby clinicians and nurses from other departments come to Urgent Care at the end of the day to finish patient care.

    Evaluate and improve the medical excuse policy -
    Result: "A Verification of Significant Illness/Injury" form was devised and implemented during fall semester 1995. The improved process addressed: 1)faculty concerns related to the seriousness and duration of illnesses and the need for a written form, 2) student needs for confidentiality, and 3) the staff's need for greater efficiency. Clinical staff members were trained before implementation. Faculty members were informed about policy changes. The process changes will be evaluated during spring semester 1996.




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