Team # 100 -- Minorities in Engineering
College of Engineering

April 1994


To evaluate and improve the processes currently being used in the College of Engineering to recruit and retain underrepresented minorities.

Team Membership

  • David Wormley, Sponsor
  • Edward Klevans, Leader
  • Leila Moore, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Recommendations:

    Institute academic excellence workshops. Pilot the concept with minority students, with goal of making it available to all students.

    Institutionalize and expand the summer bridge program (PREF). It needs to expand to 60. Major issue is funding.

    Evaluate Eng 100 in terms of meeting minority student needs. Consider alternatives.

    Examine potential to use clustering of CWC campuses with some MEP programs at these campuses.

    Evaluate adequacy of study lounge in terms of collaborative learning model.




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