Team # 114 -- Education Policy studies Review of EDTHP115

January 1995


To review and assess the delivery and design of Education Theory and Policy 115, a College of Education service course.

Team Membership

  • Robert Hendrickson, Sponsor
  • Henry Johnson, Leader
  • Max King, Leader
  • Mary Ann Itoga, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • EDTHP 115 should focus on educational foundations (as opposed to issues), emphasizing introdouction to philosophy of education, history of education, sociology of education, and educational theory.

    We strongly recommend reducing class size to 200 in order that appropriate discussion can take place in suitable classrooms.

    One EDTHP faculty member should be in-charge of EDTHP 115. All EDTHP faculty have committed to lecturing in at least one large class meeting each semester.

    Graduate assistant preparation will be enhanced, and graduate students in other programs may be invited to lead recitations for teaching experience.

    EDTHP 115 ought to be the showcase course for the College of Education.




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