Team # 133 -- Alumni Career Services CQI Team

May 1995


To determine what type of career services should be provided for alumni and what the opportunities are for involvement of alumni in career services for students.

Team Membership

  • Jack Rayman, Sponsor
  • Peter Weiler, Sponsor
  • Cathy Dufour, Leader/Facilitator
  • Ernie Gale, Leader/Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • The Team recommends that Penn State affiliate with JOBTRACK, a Los Angeles based electronic and print job listing service, to provide a printed job bulletin and Internet job postings.

    Based on identified needs, the team recommends that we develop and implement a computerized resume referral system to serve students and alumni looking for full-time, co-op, intern positions as well as employers searching for such candidates.

    The Team recommends that a Networking Database be established. The database should be located in and controlled by the Alulmni Association. It should have the capability to download information from the current Alumni Association alumni database, but should not be able to reciprocally alter information stored on that Alulmni Association database.




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