Team # 197 -- Graduate School Admissions Decentralization and Electronic Application
Graduate School

October 1996


To study the processes involved in decentralizing admissions and developing an electronic graduate student application form.

Team Membership

  • Rodney Erickson, Sponsor
  • Lynne Goodstein, Sponsor
  • Cindy Nicosia, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Jean Courter, Member
  • Becky Halpenny, Member
  • Beth Haupt, Member
  • Don Hogg, Member
  • Jodi Johnson, Member
  • Kathy Mingioni, Member
  • Heather Shutica, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Applicants deal directly with dept to which they are applying
  • Electronic application reduced printing costs, mailing costs, provided a more personalized service when answering applicants' questions & processing applications
  • Time savings in reviewing applications is est. at 2,375 hours/yr
  • Central coordination is maintained in the admissions office
  • Dept flexibility increased
  • Established new admissions process
  • Redesigned current graduate school application making it more convenient for mailing
  • Established new procedures for applying to the graduate school
  • Established new procedures for admitting applicants
  • Established a new system for ordering and receiving graduate school applications
  • Psychology department decreased the number of applications prepared and mailed from 3,033 to 490 yielding an annual savings of over $2,967 in supplies and labor
  • Established plan to provide additional income to programs - $20 per paid application to cover possible increased costs
  • Provided training to over 140 staff assistants and other personnel and developed and provided a training manual
  • Decreased entry time for application data
  • Reduced application materials maintained by the Graduate School
  • Provided a simpler and more personalized service when answering applicant’s questions and processing applications
  • The Graduate Admissions Decision System (GRADS) was developed to support the processing of electronic data
  • GRADS allows the graduate programs to view electronic applications and download data into their own databases and change admission statuses, semesters, and degrees via the Internet
  • Developed Adobe downloadable Graduate Enrollment Services forms including the Graduate School application
  • Reduction in 4 staff members--3 grade 16, 1 grade 14. The estimated annual savings based on mid-point salaries are $90,432.




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