Team # 216 -- Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Articulation System Team
Enrollment Management and Administration

January 1997


The Transfer Articulation System (TAS) provides access to a database of courses at other institutions that have been evaluated for transfer credit to Penn State. Initially, TAS was available via ISIS to University faculty and staff members. Today TAS lists over 198,000 evaluations from over 2,200 institutions. In 2003, access to TAS was made available on the Web. Now Penn State students who wish to take courses elsewhere as well as prospective transfer students and the general public can receive a transfer credit evaluation.

Team Membership

  • Geoffrey Harford, Sponsor
  • Mary Adams, Leader/Facilitator
  • Jean Chamberlin, Member
  • Jayne Crothers, Member
  • Steve Focht, Member
  • Anne Johnson, Member
  • Patrick Smith, Member
  • Rick Stover, Member
  • Betsy Wiser, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Created database containing 80,000 evaluations from 1,500 schools
  • Subjectivity in evaluating transfer credits decreased allowing for a more overall consistent process
  • Counselors now review each record in 1-2 minutes as opposed to 5-12 minutes




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