Team # 226 -- Altoona Campus "Just Do It" Team
Altoona College

January 1997


The Just Do It Team gathers suggestions/comments/requests to improve the quality of our campus through teaching, student life and campus-community interaction as well as the overall campus environment through surveys. Then works with appropriate offices to handle implementation.

Team Membership

  • William Cale, Sponsor
  • Sharon Lacue, Leader
  • Soma Sanyal, Leader
  • Michael Barroner, Member
  • Carole Bookhammer, Member
  • Tim Bruce, Member
  • Sue Dodson, Member
  • Rob Hippo, Member
  • Jacki Mowery, Member
  • Deb Wilshire, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Monthly meetings to discuss, assign improvement tasks
  • Recent (1999-2000) results include changed paper directory to web page
  • Accomplishments include clocks in all classrooms, signs posted on faculty offices, campus phone in library for students, speed bumps, improved parking
  • Quality Input Form distributed monthly to staff
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Changed bill timing
  • Improved cleanliness of recreational area changing station
  • Added shelves in bathroom
  • Safety carpet in hallways; clocks & pencil sharpeners in all classrooms. Nametags for Professor's office; Handicap accessible door entrances; Cigarette urns outside all buildings; Two-way light switches in some classroom.




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