Team # 244 -- Improving The Student Enrollment Process
Enrollment Management and Administration / Finance and Business

June 1997


Review and improve the processes involving fee payment, student aid, and registration at the beginning of each semester; specifically, to review the processing of the semester bill as a condition to confirm student enrollment at Penn State.

Expected Results:
-Reduction in Student Complaints about the process
-Reduction of re-work required in the processes
-Increased number of completed registrations earler in the semester
-A more integrated system across the three offices with the student at the center of the system

Team Membership

  • Ken Babe, Sponsor
  • John Romano, Sponsor
  • Anna Griswold, Leader
  • Roseann Sieminski, Leader
  • Jim Wager, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Garry Burkle, Member
  • Cheri Gallagher, Member
  • Ralph Hosterman, Member
  • Bill Miller, Member
  • Kelly Snyder, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Customer-oriented changes eliminate the need for students to contact each individual instructor to re-enter classes
  • The new process minimizes rework needed to reinstate approximately 170 students per semester
  • Communications with faculty will improve the effectiveness of the process
  • The team has implemented a policy whereby classes are no longer canceled for students who do not complete their registrations by the end of the second week of classes
  • By not canceling classes, most of the student aid approved for these students remains in place
  • By not canceling classes at the end of the second week, students have more time to resolve their bills
  • The agitation and complaints of students when they learn their classes have been cancelled has been eliminated. Complaints have gone from several per semester to no complaints since implementing this new procedure
  • Work was eliminated for the Registrar's Office who had to manually reinstate the student's registration; the Bursar's Office who had to produce another bill; and the Student Aid Office who had to reinstate and retrieve aid funds from various sources. All of this rework has gone away for the 2,750 students who ultimately can complete the registration, albeit later in the semester
  • Developing a web solution for communicating to the student a combination registration schedule/tuition bill/student aid credits statement which enables the student to more readily see and understand the relationship of these three core processes. The goal is for the student to better understand the need to take appropriate action to complete their registration each semester.




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