Team # 253 -- Continuous Grade Reporting CQI Team

September 1997


To review credit grade processing and reporting, considering the plan for the Commonwealth; the addition of Dickinson School of Law; future plans for credit course offerings, such as the World Campus; current limitations; and new technology that might improve the processes.

Team Membership

  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Gary Hile, Leader
  • Mary Ellen Litzinger, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Students who are to be academic drops will be done continuously; Independent learning grades should be able to go directly to the student’s transcript; Grades will be reported before end of semester, such as in the case of intersession
  • The process improvements will free up time for the staff to absorb new workload
  • Implemented a new grade reporting system
  • The new system improved efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy
  • The updating of grades to the student transcript are made each week to the transcript for part-semester courses
  • Daily ISIS grade updates now begin at the last day of finals
  • The new system can now accommodate the Dickinson School of Law Spring schedule for graduating seniors in mid-May and non-seniors in June. This capability was non-existent prior to the new system
  • Other new capabilities include multiple semester processing and the timely notification of Academic Actions
  • notification of Academic Actions
    N - Academic drop actions are calculated with each grade run if all grades for the student have been
  • Academic drop actions are calculated with each grade run if all grades for the student have been submitted




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