Team # 255 -- Student Addresses Team

November 1997


To improve process of collecting, maintaining and using student addresses in the Offices of University Registrar, Business Services, and Administrative Systems, in alignment with U.S. Post Office regulations.

Team Membership

  • Kenneth Blythe, Sponsor
  • Michael Pierick, Sponsor
  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Robert Carothers, Leader
  • Jackie Esposito, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Registrar representatives have improved folds, modified fonts and colors, and trained some staff in proper ways to format addresses
  • The Bursar is considering the use of PostalSoft software and CASS certification to increase discounts
  • Mailing Services is creating a marketing piece to alert the University community on the benefits of Endorsements; Arranged for a notice in the Intercom about the Postal Service web site




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