Team # 258 -- Purchasing Card Team
Finance and Business

November 1997


To develop a procurement card system for streamlining the process for acquiring low-dollar purchases.

Team Membership

  • Betty Roberts, Sponsor
  • Jim Dunlop, Leader
  • Joyce Haney, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Developed procurement card for purchases under $1000/transaction
  • Reduced staff by 4 FTE over 3 yrs in accounting/purch svc
  • Processing time reduced by 41 minutes per transaction by eliminating 36 steps
  • Contract compliance better monitored
  • Mngmt buying agreements improved
  • Pre-approved employees able to order directly w/ vendors
  • Office supplies contact: aggregrated volume contract through CICPC (Big Ten Consortium). Annual savings = $150,000 over previous agreement
  • 6/29/2004

    As requested by Carol Everett, I am providing the following information regarding Penn State's additional savings obtaining through the use of CICPC Big Ten Purchasing contracts. The savings shown reflect the additional savings that were obtained by participating in the Big Ten Purchasing contracts as compared to those savings PSU was obtaining individually. I'd also like to mention that Penn State Purchasing Agents have actively participated on numerous Consortium Purchasing teams in developing the Request for Proposals and reviewing/negotiating the resulting contracts.

    Total Savings attributed to Big Ten Contracts = $660,858.

    This consists of the following individual contract savings:
    VWR Scientific products = $474,166.
    Symantec AntiVirus software = $90,879.
    Cisco products (through IBM distribution) = $95,813

    I've provided the top level summary information, if you should need more detail, please contact me.

    Thank you,
    Joyce Haney




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