Team # 266 -- Human Resources Electronic Staff Vacancy Announcement System Team
Finance and Business

January 1998


To develop and implement a university-wide electronic job bidding system for full-time employees.

Team Membership

  • Billie Willits, Sponsor
  • Mike Hartman, Leader
  • Milt Trask, Leader
  • Jim Elliott, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Developed and implemented an electronic staff vacancy announcement program; As staff vacancies are announced, all incoming cover letters and resumes will be imaged before being forwarded electronically to the work unit
  • Time to receive resumes and cover letters decreases from 1.2 days to 5.6 hours from the time the vacancy closes; 2-3 day reduction in the lead-time from job submission to the vacancy being announced; Previously, the job had to be submitted by Friday, now it can be submitted by Monday at 11:59pm for the Wednesday staff vacancy announcement period; Work units receive information on job candidates quicker
  • Integrated imaging technology; Web-based technology is applied to accept job application materials, leading to a truly paperless system
  • A projected elimination of at least 50,000 copies per year; Saving over $500 per year in paper and copier supplies
  • Several large filing cabinets can be eliminated to free up much-needed floor space for staff
  • Materials are more accessible to authorized staff members




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