Team # 288 -- Communications Across Auxiliary Services
Finance and Business

March 1998


Team Membership

  • Tom Gibson, Sponsor
  • Maureen Volz, Leader
  • Georgia Abbey, Facilitator
  • Carolyn Fisher, Member
  • Jennifer Garvin, Member
  • Cathy Gray, Member
  • Fraser Grigor, Member
  • Glenn Mulberger, Member
  • Linda Nau, Member
  • Mary Tier, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • June 2000: Team Goals:
    1. An environment where employees feel they are heard and that they play a key role in the success of the
    2. An environment which encourages open, horizontal communications.
    3. Increased awareness and understanding of other people's jobs and responsibilities.
    4. Formal communications that are clear, timely, accurate, respectful and inclusive.
    5. Informal communications that improve and enhance working relationships.
    6. Training programs that address the needs and issues of effective communications.
    7. Policies that encourage diversity, innovation and full participation.
    8. Cooperation, encouragement and participation of administrative and managers.
    The AST team determined that the following tactics would facilitate the implementation of the team goals: keep
    the team intact throughout the "communications campaign" for up to two years to monitor and manage the action
    plan; gain support from upper management with the assistance of Mr. Gibson's office; establish a "super group"
    comprised of cross-functional and interdepartmental representatives from each of the three CQI teams.




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