Team # 292 -- Curriculum Development, Approval and Authorization Team

March 1998


To develop a University-wide, integrative system to support the process of curriculum development and authorization.

Team Membership

  • Kenneth Blythe, Steering Group
  • John Cahir, Sponsor
  • Peter Deines, Steering Group
  • Louis Geschwindner, Sponsor
  • John Harwood, Steering Group
  • Gene Melander, Steering Group
  • John Romano, Sponsor
  • Russ Vaught, Sponsor
  • Jim Wager, Steering Group
  • Peter deVries, Leader/Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • June 2000: The team has not met in over a year. The team discontinued because of a change in the sponsorship, Chair of the Faculty Senate. Tthe new sponsor (the next chair) has not given the project the same emphasis. The team has lost a lot of its leadership (another sponsor retired.)




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