Team # 294 -- Undergraduate Admissions: Communicating Admissions Information About Applicants with Guidance Community
Enrollment Management and Administration

April 1998


To develop a monthly update letter to guidance counselors about the status of applicants and current information about Penn State admissions. Improve effectiveness and efficiency in requesting and receiving final high school transcripts.

Team Membership

  • Geoffrey Harford, Sponsor
  • Anne Rohrbach, Leader
  • Mark Weaver, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Communication between the Penn State Office of Admissions and high schools has been improved
  • Labor and supply costs have been decreased since less letters need to be mailed to the high schools from approximately 40,000 to 25,000 resulting in an annual savings on over $4,350 in supplies and postage
  • The process of informing guidance counselors about the status of each student’s admission to Penn State was reorganized into a monthly summary sheet sent to the guidance counselors, including all the students who have applied to Penn State from the high school
  • The monthly summary reports were well received by the counselors because they provide more detail information and "Customer Service Messages" that contained pertinent information
  • The process of requesting and receiving transcripts at the end of the year was also reorganized. The team found they do not need the actual transcripts for each student, just a simple confirmation from the school that they did graduate. Thus, the Admissions Office now sends a summary sheet with all the students pertaining to that high school. All the high school needs to do is check whether the student has or has not passed and return the single sheet
  • The paperwork handled for transcripts has decreased from 20,000 to 4,100 resulting in an annual savings of over $4,611
  • July 2000: Our team is no longer meeting and is at the end of the second year of implementation of a monthly report of student statuses and a twice a year graduation verification request sent directly to each high school guidance office. We feel we have significantly improved service to our guidance community with the new information available in report form and also individual student statuses available on the Web.




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