Team # 309 -- Judicial Affairs Community Standards Information Management Process CQI Team
Student Affairs

October 1998


To examine and improve Judicial Affairs information systems, in particular, database of disciplinary records and reporting procedures and forms.

Team Membership

  • Joe Puzycki, Sponsor
  • Don Suit, Sponsor
  • Bill Huston, Leader/Facilitator
  • Ed McGowan, Leader/Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Identified 6 possible solutions for implementing improvments:

    1. Re-engineer a system-wide electronic, online, dynamic and interactive Information Management System and Discipline Process.

    2. Design a system that integrates OAS, WEB Sites, email, etc. enabling stakeholders to input and receive data and critical information in a dynamic fashion.

    3. Design a "user friendly" program, with training and support on- and off-line, enabling users to perform critical functions related to their roles and responsibilities within the discipline process.

    4. Develop a uniform standardization of forms, documents, and reports and establish a glossary for discipline-related terminology.

    5. Design a dynamic report generation process with comprehensive data fields.

    6. Design the system to incorporate scheduling and communication functions in conjunction with the discipline process.




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