Team # 317 -- Fayette Advising Counseling Team "FACT"
Commonwealth College

March 1999


To initiate a process through which academic and career advising are integrated and improved.

Team Membership

  • Willard Fuller, Sponsor
  • James Ostrow, Sponsor
  • Gerry Dorobish, Leader
  • Lynn Petko, Leader
  • Rita Gumbert, Facilitator
  • Davida Cavallo, Member
  • Melissa Miner, Member
  • John Sokol, Member
  • Jane Witt, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • June 2000: We are researching the implementation of a 30-hour program and a PREP program at Fayette. We are looking at what our students need particularly in comparison with other campuses that are currently using these programs.




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