Team # 323 -- Barricades
Finance and Business

April 1999


To study and improve the delivery and retrieval of barricades.

Team Membership

  • Lloyd Rhoades, Sponsor
  • Jeff Dice, Leader
  • Mary Jane Drake, Facilitator
  • Jim Hilliard, Member
  • Dave Libreatori, Member
  • Robin Parko, Member
  • Mike Reese, Member
  • Frank Tice, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Implemented Barricade 1 Call, developed barricade delivery/retrieval tracking process, purchase more efficient equipment for barricade delivery/retrieval
  • Implement barricade charge-out rate
  • June 2000: Benefits of implementation/captured savings:
    --Direct savings to Rec Hall Landscape in cost of maintaining barricade inventory.
    --Improve customer service.
    --Provide process for tracking barricades from project to project.
    --More efficient use of time to deliver/retrieve barricades.




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