Team # 324 -- Sign Shop: One Way Signage
Finance and Business

April 1999


To study and improve the work generation of signs and the approval process for sign fabrication.

Team Membership

  • Lloyd Rhoades, Sponsor
  • Gary Powers, Leader
  • Al Matyasovsky, Facilitator
  • Mary Francis Ciccarella, Member
  • Scott Hord, Member
  • Stew Koontz, Member
  • Mindy Lutchko, Member
  • Joel Maguire, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Instituted Information Gathering System (IGS)
  • Started a web page
  • Distributed IGS to staff assistants, service desk personnel, RENO supervisors, pcs
  • Reduced the cost of the ADA style signage by approx. $7/sign




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