Team # 338 -- Behrend Residence Hall Room Tours CQI Team
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

June 1999


Team Membership

  • Mary-Ellen Madigan, Sponsor
  • Andrew Watters, Leader
  • Bob Light, Facilitator
  • Anne Danielski, Member
  • Kristen Gordon, Member
  • Erin Hersman, Member
  • Linda Lombardi, Member
  • Ed Mulfinger, Member
  • Carol Peterson, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Getting students to show their rooms during open houses and other larger visition programs can be streamlined by:
    - with a revised incentive plan, participation in room showing can be advertised and a more extensive screening and training process developed.
    - having more students to call who are committed to the program, gone through training, and feel more a part of the team should reduce problems in securing rooms.
    - it was suggested that Lion Ambassadors could help out by showing rooms.

    Incentive programs instituted at a cost of $1850. Housing and Foods agreed to cover the spring costs at this rate and the next year, admissions and housing agreed to split the program costs.

    Housing converted a storage room in a traditional residence hall to a model room. Admissions has keys to the room and the residence wing, allowing the room to be shown as needed.

    Housing brochure to be put in the model room. Possible video relating to residence life and housing to be presented to the college's Image Committee.




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