Team # 345 -- Auxiliary Services Workers Compensation/Safety Team
Finance and Business

September 1999


To evaluate current policies and practices related to safety and preventative measures in Auxiliary Services as well as develop a process to be utilized in the return to work-modified duty program.

Team Membership

  • Carolyn Fisher, Sponsor
  • Tom Gibson, Sponsor
  • Janet Decker, Leader
  • Karen Feldbaum, Facilitator
  • Lisa Bitner, Member
  • Alison Bonsell, Member
  • Dixie Catherine, Member
  • Bill Conway, Member
  • Janet Decker, Member
  • Nancy Hinds, Member
  • Majka Lodowski, Member
  • Dave Manos, Member
  • Jo Ann Marker, Member
  • Connie McCartney, Member
  • Deb McCloskey, Member
  • Bob Reese, Member
  • Diana Simpson, Member
  • Arkie Tromm, Member
  • Lois Weaver, Member
  • Sue Winn, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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