Team # 350 -- SIMS Proposal and Contract File Imaging

January 2000


The Strategic Information and Management System (SIMS) I Issued for Web-based management and report generation for the University's research proposals and awards. The integration of an imaging and electronic document management system will permit users to access the actual contract and proposal file from the Web as well. This will permit concurrent access to files (across campuses) and substantially reduce the time it takes to access files.

Team Membership

  • Robert Killoren, Sponsor
  • Ken Forstmeier, Leader
  • Chris Lose, Facilitator
  • Paul Antolosky, Member
  • Emily Broking, Member
  • Peggy Considine, Member
  • Susan Leitzell, Member
  • James Mattern, Member
  • Raytheon Systems (HRB), Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • All active legacy grants and contracts have been entered into the system and newly awarded grants and contracts are input into the system at the time of award. These electronic documents (scanned or dragged and dropped) are available to authorized users over the web.
  • eDocument files are encrypted (using secure sockets layer) during transmission.
  • Formerly, the hard copy was stored in Rider Building and access time was often measured in hours. Additionally, multiple users can access the same eDocument simultaneously; this facilitates timely and accurate communication.




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