Team # 356 -- Teams Assessment

January 2000


We worked with Lenny Pollack, HRDC, to develop a survey to assess the functioning of the self-directed teams in Technical Services. These teams have been in place since 1995, without any formal assessment being done to date.

Team Membership

  • Paige Andrew, Member
  • Rosann Bazirjian, Member
  • Judy Hewes, Member
  • Lenny Pollack, Member
  • Nancy Stanley, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • June 2000: Working to develop survey to assess the functioning of self-developed teams. Want to do formal assessment. Want to develop clear guidelines for performance expectations from staff and levels of responsibility both for team members and faculty.

    Team has not yet fully implemented the Management System for Performance, so is unable to provide quantifiable results. Team will be completing that process throughout the year and is working closely with HRDC to put all staff through facilitation and training sessions as part of the performance tool.




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