Team # 367 -- Improving Access to Emergency Contraception
Student Affairs

February 2000


Our process to obtain emergency contraception was altered to have appointments by phone with a nurse. Also, new medications have been made available with fewer side effects.

Team Membership

  • University Health Services, Sponsor
  • Alicia Lentz, Leader
  • Jennifer Brooks, Member
  • Shelley Haffner, Member
  • Debra Kustenbauder, Member
  • Sheila Simcox, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Altered the process to obtain emergency contraception by taking appointments by phone with a nurse
  • A comparison of the percentage of Penn State students reporting side effects that interfered with their daily activities to nationally published data proved that fewer side effects were experienced; In the 1999 study, 40% complained of side effects compared to national data of 50%




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