Team # 369 -- The Schreyer Institute for Innovation in Learning
Schreyer Honors College

February 2000


We look at learning from a quality perspective. Our assessment-driven innovations improve the ultimate "product" of Penn State, the learning.

A completely student-run initiative, IQ Teams have worked successfully with 125 students over 3 years to improve the education of almost 3,000 students. The program focuses on improving course mechanics and learning outcomes for students.

Team Membership

  • Renata Engel, Sponsor
  • Rodney Erickson, Sponsor
  • Larry Spence, Leader
  • Lynn Moore, Facilitator
  • Amanda Wetzel, Facilitator
  • Wendy Baker, Member
  • Liz Kinland, Member
  • Jill Lane, Member
  • Lisa Lenze, Member
  • Matt Levendusky, Member
  • Stephanie Stine Bumgarner, Member
  • Students in the Innovation and Quality Program, Member
  • Dawn Zimmaro, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The Schreyer Center project is a process improvement where student teams work to improve communications between the faculty member and students
  • June 2000: The Innovation and Quality Teams sponsored by the Schreyer Institute are teams of 4-6 students from a class that meet weekly to improve the learning environment in the class in coordination with a team leader trained in the CQI philosophy. What does improving the learning environment of the class mean? It means that we try to get professors to include small discussion breaks in their lectures, redesign group projects, integrate more current events into their classes and make other changes that incorporate students as active learners. We stress to these students the importance of gathering data to support their claims. We currently work with approximately 7-8 teams per semester. We've worked with over 130 students on quality teams over the past 2.5 years, and have improved the classroom environment of over 1500 students.




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