Team # 376 -- Outreach Marketing Communications Production CQI Team
University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)

October 1999


Speed of management of printed publications from job intake to delivery measured by: number of days to produce a first design proof and number of proofs needed to obtain printing approval.

Team Membership

  • Jackie Rosenfeld, Sponsor
  • Angela Rogers, Leader
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Amy Davis, Member
  • Cheryl Himes, Member
  • Trish Hummer, Member
  • Barbara Impellitteri, Member
  • Dave Maser, Member
  • Mindy Meyers, Member
  • Brian Mizikar, Member
  • Stacy Ostrofsky, Member
  • Janice Swayne, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The new, ideal process eliminated 20 steps from the current process and added two new jobs within the Office of Marketing Communications (OMC)
  • Reduced and eliminated idle time, rework, and backlog
  • Proofreaders correct errors instead of just returning marked up manuscripts to the account specialists
  • All publication manuscripts are proofread and corrected before being designed
  • Proofreaders check all first page proofs before they go to the client
  • A client handbook is in production
  • Designers are using a server to send job files to vendors which eliminates idle time
  • Designers are beginning to use PDF files to share page proofs with client
  • A gatekeeping system (the queue manager) has been implemented and evaluated
  • Reduced average number of days in shop
    percent improvement from FY 98-99 to FY 99-00 = 22 percent
    percent improvement from FY 99-00 to FY 00-01 (to date) = 34 percent
    percent improvement from FY 98-99 to FY 00-01 (to date) = 48 percent
  • June 2000: The team has researched and come up with 18 recommendations as of
    2/00. Six are done, eight in progress, and four have yet to begin.




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