Team # 378 -- The Serials Task Force

September 1999


After flowcharting the serials process, conducting an online customer satisfaction survey and benchmarking with technical services departments at other institutions, the Task Force recommended several process improvements, as well as the reorganization of the teams involved with serials processing. A new Serials Department, comprised of three teams: Receiving and Check-in; Ordering, Claiming and Invoicing; and Cataloging was implemented as of January 3, 2000. A search for a head of the new department is underway. In the meantime, Paige Andrew is serving as Acting Head.

Team Membership

  • Rosann Bazirjian, Sponsor
  • Robin Anderson, Facilitator
  • Paige Andrew, Member
  • Heather Benner, Member
  • Polly Daniels, Member
  • George Hall, Member
  • Judy Hewes, Member
  • Lori Leatherman, Member
  • Linda Musser, Member
  • Betty Nirnberger, Member
  • Beth Pfeiffer, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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